Iriscan simplifies identity management by smooth integration of the most advanced and reliable biometric technology to business processes

On our planet, the amount of people without an official identity is 1.1 billion — that’s 16% of the world population

For us, it’s hard to imagine life without identity because we all take it for granted.

But there is a world, where without a secure and trusted way to prove who they are, people struggle to get medical help and access financial and social services.

Businesses struggle to capture the value offered by these consumers because they have no way to verify their identities

Customers are denied service not because they cannot pay but because businesses can’t trust them.

This, combined with fraud expenses prevent businesses from expanding into the emerging markets and capturing the value of the world’s next wave of consumers.

Iris-based identity management is the solution

We use existing iris identification hardware, combined with our proprietary software suite, and data warehousing system. We offer businesses a low cost, iris-based, identity management, and verification solution, which has none of the drawbacks, inaccuracies, or high setup costs associated with our competitors.